GCQ CANADA has always been a leader as far as technological tools are concerned. We use an automatic speed-dialer, like many others, but we also have access to our own source code for all our programs and use it in the most efficient way, according to circumstances.

Unlike most of our competitors, GCQ CANADA has its own IT development team. We conceive and implement our own management tools, in accordance with our specific needs and those of our clients. Our unique applications are not laid down by a software manufacturer with pre-defined, limited resources. GCQ CANADA’s applications enable you to check your accounts at a distance, obtain personalised statistical reports or any other request you may have. Our competitors have always tried to copy us. However, whenever they get close to it, they are already outdated, because of the ongoing development at GCQ CANADA.

No need to get authorization from a third party or submit a request and wait to see if anyone is interested. Over 20 years ago, we decided to invest substantially in research and development – that left our competitors far behind with regard to evolution and efficiency in the IT department. How can they stand out when they still use the same restrictive and outdated platforms?