In order to survive or to get more business, some companies may offer various impractical tools or pretend to be experts in several fields, no matter what their main activities may be.

As far as we are concerned, we recognise that we cannot be the best in all fields. To each his own field of expertise – that is why we propose solutions only in the areas in which we excel. The company does not try to get contracts at random and then offer poor service. Our proposals are analysed with the objective of establishing a sound and durable business partnership.

The quality of a collection service goes far beyond any proposed words and tools – a set of tools must be useful and well managed, and offered in a timely manner. Are they really necessary? Presenting just a small part of a solution offers little or no hope of succeeding if this solution is unnecessary or useless.

There is no advantage in hiring lawyers, bailiffs or postmen for collection purposes, considering that they represent less than 1% of the solution. Their contribution would be incidental, the same way that one would not need to hire a locksmith simply because of working in an office equipped with a lock.